I declare this adult arts and craft week

Sometimes it’s fun to reminisce about when life was simple and the toughest challenge was deciding on which Lego set you were going to build or what shirt you wanted to wear to school that day. When arts and crafts were my go-to fun every day!

Think about how the simplest things like crayons, gel pens, scented markers and glitter would liven up your afternoon!

So I decided to declare this week adult “National Arts and Crafts Week”! Instead of handling and conquering all of our daily duties and problems, let’s take a few moments or a few hours and put our childhood creativity to the test.

Just watch–by next year this new holiday is going to be a worldwide trend #happyartsandcrafts

Look around your home and see what area needs a little life or some pizzazz. Is there an empty wall that is waiting to be decorated with a colorful Monet? Or how about a coffee table that needs some tabletop décor like a homemade vase or potted plant?

Here are two fun and simple DIY crafty projects that can instantly spice up your boring walls and add lots of personality to your space.

  1. What can give more of a personalized homey touch than photos of you, your friends and loved ones? Look through your camera, your iPhoto at old your photos and have some fun strolling through memory lane! Look for any photos that tell a story, put a smile on your face or have special meaning. Take a few of your favorite the photos and edit them. You can enlarge and print the photos yourself, or take them to a professional (which I highly recommend for that polished high-end look). After having the photos printed, it’s time for my favorite part: picking out frames! This is where you can spend a lot of money really quickly. Or, you can spend a little more time and bargain hunt at Target, Michaels (of course only if you have your 40% off coupon), your local dollar stores, Salvation Army and yard sales! I decided to create a photomontage in black and white for my one hallway. The best way to plan this out strategically is sketching out your vision first. Play with the placement of each photo and decide on how the spacing will be setup. Do you want the images to have a radial symmetrical, clustered or staggered arrangement? Hang the photos and voila!

My photos surrounded a watercolor painting I did a few years back. It gives it an extra pop of color and I chose it simply because it is me!

  1. Two words: shadow boxes! These things are amazing. Why? They are a blank canvas and you can do anything with them! You can find shadow boxes at your local craft store or order online at Amazon (also try Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby or Michaels). You can keep it simple or go crazy with it! Let it reflect your personality. Incorporate simple items like dried sunflowers or vintage keys. Layer colorful paper for dimension and add fun photos. Use ticket stubs from your favorite movie or show, or a patch from your high school football jersey. It’s almost like a three-dimensional scrapbook. See two of my shadow box projects below!

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1)

What is going to be your way of celebrating the week of “National Arts and Craft Week”?