Live life colorfully


I mean this is in the nicest way possible, but can life just slow the heck down? Or at least can we get forty-eight hours in a day? Twenty-four hours isn’t cutting it anymore with so many priorities in our week.

I did manage to take a day off this past weekend for an adventure to a vineyard in Arrington, Tennessee, to spend a relaxing Saturday with some friends. It turned out to be even more beautiful than I expected and made me appreciate a Saturday off from my hectic schedule! I loved laying out in the sun and sipping some sweet southern wine. A perfect way to spend a Saturday!

While at Arrington, I was in awe of all of the beautiful colors around me. Maybe because it is officially fall and the colors of everything are beginning to change, or maybe it’s because when I’m given time to just think and see the world with my eyes open, I’m better able to see its vibrant and beautiful depictions.

Color is such a powerful thing. It evokes great amounts of emotion. It can make you envious or angry. Remember those mood rings we all had back in the day? We would sit around comparing colors and determining how we’re feeling at that particular moment. You just came in from recess and your ring was green: happy! You just took a test and your ring was black: most likely you were stressed. How color effects our life is somewhat similar to those mood rings (What ever happened to mood rings?).

Color impacts the ambience or emotion of the space. Think about your home currently. What color is your bedroom? Are you relaxed when you are in that space? We often choose to paint our space a color based on the fact that we like it. There can be so much more that goes into that decision and I assure you it will be worth your time to think twice before you pick a random shade of purple.

Here are a few interesting facts on color that can assist you in choosing a color that better fits you and your space!

  • Yellow: Makes us think of light and sunshine.  It gives us joy and can give us a cheery bright space to come home to. Yet, it also can be one of the most tiring colors! Are you someone who enjoys being out in nature? Does your wardrobe contain lots of bright colors? Are you a busy person who tends to always be on the go? If these colors sound like you, a shade of yellow may be a great go-to color for you!

             Interesting Fact: Babies tend to cry more when they are in rooms with lots of yellow.

  • Blue: Certain shades of blue can create a serene, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  However, a shade of dark blue can do just the opposite and make you feel sad. Depending on what the function of the room is, choose your blue carefully to create the correct ambience.

            Interesting Fact: Try incorporating light-colored furniture and accents in the room (soft whites and creams) to make the space feel larger.

  • Red: What comes to mind instantly? I think of a bright red fire truck or a red stop sign.  The color can evoke anger, energize us, or make us excited. It’s a bold choice for a space and can create a dramatic space.

             Interesting fact: It has been proven that using red in a kitchen makes you more likely to eat more!

  • Green: Think of spring and the fresh scents of the season and new life. Green is warm and inviting and can even relieve stress. Use green in spaces that you want to be lively and comfortable.

              Interesting Fact: Green is in almost all cases a great choice to paint any room.  Use a hunter green wall in a man cave or a sage green in a living                            room or bedroom!

  • Purple: A color known for it’s luxurious and royal hues. It is dramatic and help create a grown-up sophisticated look.  Use a pale soft lavender a a deep violet to make the room color clearly be the focus. Soft tones of purple are often used when creating a romantic space.

Interesting Fact:Try pairing purples with accents of silver or soft gold.

Choosing color for a room is not always the simplest thing; especially for those who want to love and feel comfortable with their space. Say you just want white? There’s no such thing! There is white with hues of red, or blue, or gray or yellow. There are thousands of possibilities when it comes to “white”, so it is important to know your colors. One of the areas that was particularly challenging in color selection was my dining area. It flows directly into my kitchen and living room and so the color needed to translate well with the adjoining rooms. Countless trips to Sherwin Williams throughout Tennessee, I finally picked the perfect palette. Here are a few pictures of the scheme I came up. You too can have a color scheme that fits you as an individual!


You’ll have to pardon the clutter and the poor photo quality. I wanted to show the before of the space–when the original paint color still haunted the walls. I like to call this  color: ragweed vomit (I guess the last owner bought some terrible gold off the clearance section and called it a day).


A bold accent color for a room can speak volumes. Instead of doing one accent wall a divided my walls in half with contrasting colors and decided to use a decorative trim in the middle to create a DIY chair rail.


Post-painting and applying the trim, the space begins to have life!


After! My little dining room…almost complete. Still in the process of hunting for three pieces of art for the main wall, but have not found the perfect ones yet!

Who’s ready to dig out those old paint swatches and put our eye for color to the test?