Thanks-mas decorating time

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This time of year I’m always conflicted on how to determine and prioritize which holiday I should be preparing for. Every store I walk into I see some type of Christmas decoration or hear Christmas music caroling in the background. Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely love the holidays and especially Christmas! The holiday spirit is contagious and many people are exceptionally giving, generous and have a servant’s heart this time of year–and what’s not to love about that? I could ramble on about my love for Christmas for days, however, when it comes to the physical decorating for the festivities…is it still too early?

While my quandary continues, I figured it’s a perfect time to share some fun and helpful tips to affordably decorate your home for the holidays–whichever holiday you feel it is time to decorate for that is!

  • Chalk it up: Have an old chalkboard lying around your house? The vintage chalkboard paint style is very “in” right now, but why spend an arm and a leg on one pre-made when you can make a custom one yourself? Find a creative holiday phrase or inspiring verse and chalk it up! To get the ideas flowing, check out some inspiration on Etsy!


  • Turn my holiday swag on: Being a white-girl rapper at heart, I like swag anytime of the year. However,when I read Southern Living’s article on Holiday Swag–my like grew to love! You don’t even need to have a mantel in your home. A shelf, fireplace, long table or an empty wall with room to hang will be perfect. Finding items in your backyard such as greenery, twigs, dried leaves or berries can all make your homemade swag come to life!

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  • Bling bling your holidays: A really simple way to showcase a beautiful and elegant display is to take items you already have around your home (are you counting how many times have I suggested this before?) and create a tablescape with them. It’s helpful to find items that are similar in color but varying in size and shape. Items such as old ornaments, glass vases, pinecones or random knick knacks can surprisingly make a beautiful scheme with a little creativity! I found a holiday snow globe, a few mercury votives, some old books and a glitzy Christmas tree and livened up my coffee table.

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  • A Thanks-mas combo: Not ready to send-off fall yet? Still want to keep around the pumpkins for Thanksgiving? How about keeping the colors of fall in your decorations and get ahead or the game and add a sparkle of Christmas spirit too? Bring out your golds, whites and coppers to create a classy Thanksgiving and Christmas combination. White pumpkins, golden leaves or garland (learn how to make your own here) and white candles all can help you put together a tablescape that you can keep through all the holidays!

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What holiday are you most excited for? Is it too early to deck the halls of your home in November?

Feel free to let me know.

Cheers and happy decorating!



2 thoughts on “Thanks-mas decorating time

  1. hi, sara omg! you have good tips! best wishes!! I MISS YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO (X 1000000000) MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your best friend Syd!!!!!


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