Treat yourself to at an at home spa experience

When you think of fall break, what do you think of?

Catching up on some much needed sleep, visiting and catching up with friends you haven’t been able to make time for in the last few months? All of those things sound ideal and lovely. None of which occurred in my one-day fall break. Emphasis on one-day. While my intentions of spending my fall-break were good; life got a little busy.

Although I decided that at some point over the weekend I needed to do one nice update for my little condo since it’s been neglected a lot in the improvement department lately. I’ve always loved rain showers. The ones that you find at spas, upscale hotels or if you’re lucky enough: in the comfort of your own home. I always believed that rainshowers were pricy and custom for certain types of showers. I did some research and found that I could install one myself for right around $50. So that is what I did. You too can install an affordable rainshower into your home.

  1. Research and shop around to find out what type of fixture best works for you.The price range is vast (affordable to high-end) so determine what is the main function for you. For myself, I really wasn’t worried about having ten different settings to be able to control the stream. Rather I wanted something that had a good amount of pressure yet still could create that “rain-like” feel.
  2. Shop around. Go and look at different brands and styles at your local hardware store and be sure that you know what type of look is best for you. Then, you can compare prices and (hopefully) find something online that may be a better value.
  3. Determine what additional pieces are needed. With shower heads it seems to always be a “batteries not included” situation. To get the full effect of a rainshower they are designed to either be installed directly into the ceiling, or to extend high above the user to create the spa-like water experience. So, it is important that if you already have an existing shower heads to determine what pieces are needed to connect the new fixture. Each unit is different so be sure to know what pieces you may need to additionally purchase. I purchased a shower arm, which is used to extend the length of the fixture.
  4. Make sure everything in the shower area has been thoroughly wiped down, sanitized and dried for the installation to be effective.
  5. Remove the old fixture. My unit was a simple twist-off.  I had to remove a bonding tape and affix on new tape. Each unit is different however.
  6. Add the extension bar and be sure to adhere the gripping tape around the connection joint to ensure that there is a strong bond
  7. Screw on the main fixture carefully in a clockwise direction allowing for it to adhere correctly.
  8. Once the fixture is tightly attached, adjust the placement of the shower head and you’re ready to treat yourself with a spa-like shower.FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (6) FullSizeRender (5)

Now that the new shower is installed be prepared to never want to leave your at home spa anytime soon.

What is going to be your one home improvement update to your space this week?






2 thoughts on “Treat yourself to at an at home spa experience

  1. This is wonderful! I didn’t know that you could get that type of shower head for a reasonable price. My mom is always looking for home improvement ideas and would go absolutely nuts over this. Thanks to your notes maybe it can be a surprise Christmas present, who knows!


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