Welcome to my Nashville neighborhood

Hi, y’all! I am excited to be a new member of the blogger community and share my experiences as I take on the challenge of turning my foreclosed fixer-upper and into my first home. Let me back track a bit and share  a bit about how we got here so you better understand what made me want to start writing.

A few months ago I decided there’s no time like now to continue on with my college education, and so I began my pursuit on a new degree in public relations. Helping, creating, planning and fixing are skills that come naturally to me—so PR seemed like the perfect fit. The more difficult choice was choosing a school to attend. Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to live where I had easy access to the beach and sunshine–or in a big city–where I still get my sunshine. It made sense that I chose to apply to a few schools on the West Coast along with schools in the good ole South (think Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Beach, etc.)

What didn’t make sense is why I would choose a little school in Nashville, Tennessee; a place I’d never been before. A location that is not a big city, has no beach, or is relatively close to the beach ironically.

However, there was something different about this place. Warm and inviting even on a cold day in February. The people were lovely, the food was delicious, the music was simply wonderful and my heart told me that it was the place where God wanted me.

Fast forward a few crazy weeks later as I decided it was time to transition on to the next phase in my life. It was not a simple move, for I was and am so close to many of my amazing co-workers, friends and family. I didn’t want to leave behind those great friendships and relationships. As I get older, I realize more and more how important those relationships are and how important it is to keep the good ones close. But when you feel called to a new place, sometimes it’s just what you have to do.

So, that’s the beginning of my journey. Not being the typical 21-year-old and always having an ambitious agenda, I decided if I was going to relocate; I would create a place that was home. A place that was comfortable for myself and others. I did some research on the real estate market in Nashville. Correction: I did A LOT of research on the real estate market. Researching to the point where I felt like I already lived in the city for a good period of time. With the help of my real estate agent (and now new friend), I found the perfect place!IMG_0038

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo located just about 20 minutes from downtown Nashville. I visited the condo, and I knew it was the place I would eventually buy (fingers crossed).

I made that process sound quite easy–when that is far from the truth (Tip: If you ever decide to purchase a foreclosure–be prepared–it is a process with lots of hoops to jump through: see more on foreclosures here). Matter of fact, in a period of 48 hours my offer was accepted, countered, accepted again, countered once more, rejected and then somehow accepted over. Describing those two days as a roller coaster ride would be an understatement. With lots of prayer and patience  the I’s and T’s were finally dotted and crossed, and I was officially a home owner! Still living in Pennsylvania and planning without actually being there to “do” anything was demanding. Picking out colors, furniture, trim, fixtures, closet hardware, drapery, rugs and all the odds and ends between was a task. I do have a bit of a background in interior design; however, to be able to put a space together without being there–well that’s a true challenge.




With some exciting tips, treasures, and fun ways that hopefully are helpful to add some fresh looks to your home too, today the journey and process of bringing my condo to life officially begins. Can’t wait for y’all to watch and see how my high-end taste and my college student “shoestring budget” unfold together! Things are for sure going to be interesting. Have you gone through a move, renovation, or similiar experience?




3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Nashville neighborhood

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing your decision to take your leap of faith and move to Nashville, TN! I’m excited to see how you decorate your new home on a college student budget. I think that is advice all college students could fins useful. Good luck! 🙂


  2. I like this post because it was a good story of how you came to live in Nashville. That’s exciting! Also, it is really cool that you are trying to find ways to decorate your new home on a small budget. I can see that being very helpful to other college students trying to do the same.


  3. Thanks for taking us into your story and engaging us by inviting your audience into your whole thinking process of how you even found your college! I also think you did an amazing job with the pictures and keeping the audience engaged visually. what are some of the ways you are thinking of fixing up your house?


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